a selection in non-hierarchical order:

Industrial Design

Fraport Frankfurt, D
Vossloh, D
Kiepe Electric, AT
Sony Austria, AT

Hospitality & Interior

Berghotel Tulbingerkogel, AT
Mastercard, AT
Valentino, IT
Yamm!, AT
Little Suites, D


This list is always unfinished! So: THANKS to all our colleagues & friends for helping us staying creative and alive!

Nathalie Hoyos @Office for Art; Robert Söllner @Urbania – he really knows what a tram is; Robert Venturi for advice; Ingrid Söllner-Pötz; Joachim Kornauth @Industri – the upcoming star of custom engineering; Robert TemelMichael Scheufler – Brand Guru and Bavarias Premier League in Style; Tobias „Mosch“ Jäkel and Matthias „Mosch“ Schönberger for beeing always friends; Dr.Hubert Dlaska; Gerhard Buchegger – with his best organized buliding mangament all around; Christoph „Blickpunkt“ Reichelt – the photographer who brings spirit into picture; Boris Kiprov; Dr. Rebekka Jung; Johannes Glaser; Franziska Hünig; Iris Meder † @ÖGFA; Hans Lerperger – always a inspiration; Jan Tabor; Dr. Stephan Baszler – he knows how a project have to run; Markus Potthast; Jose Alhambra – that is engineering!; Silvia Bohrn; Lichtwitz-Leinfellner – the dreamteam of graphic language; Prof.Tina Frank; Markus Huber @Fleisch; Marco Jakob – the video crack hiding as a farmer; Andi Kaufmann @Mattweiss – wtf is impossible?; Thomas Ausweger; Christoph Steinbrener @ Steinbrener/Dempf&Huber – society as art; Dr. Johannes Pepelnik; Katharina @Rossboth; Dr. Manfred Böhm: Helena Raupach @Little Suites – countess of management, Marko „sketch it“ Doblanovic; Manuel Fröschl; Sarah Lena Tribus; Thomas Ausweger; Wolfgang Thaler; Michael & Elmir @Expressiv – say yess to the render engine!; Volker Gessendorfer; …